Why Men Like Tattooed Women

Why Men Like Tattooed Women

Getting a tattoo has always been associated with power. In the preindustrial era it was a much more painful process then it is today and only those who had a really strong immune system were able to survive a tattoo without their health being affected. There is no doubt in the fact that when it comes to the dating or even mating games both men and women have certain characteristic expectations that they dig. Some men set standards such as the waist to hip ratio, number of tattoos, breast size etc.

There may be various reasons as to why men are attracted to women with tattoos. For starters as sad and regressive as it sounds it’s true that girls with tattoos are labeled as ‘easy to get’ chicks and mostly when men see a hot chick with a tattoo they don’t overthink before approaching her. There is a stigma attached to them that they want sexual attention and are real bad girls. Tattooed girls are expected to be very easy going and liberal when it comes to sexual desires which may not be true as it really depends on the person themselves. Mostly tattooed girls also wear skin revealing clothes which may be because they want to flaunt their tattoos or they are comfortable with their body but it still shows them off as a brave and tough girl showing her body art. This aura encourages men to try rough things with them such as hardcore spanking and choking which is a huge turn on for many guys. Guys can tell when they see a tattooed girl that they are not daddy’s perfect little princesses and would not need any break while riding their bull.

Tattooed women stand out because of their looks; they are different from your average girls who are trying to look all pretty with their makeup. They give a very mysterious and a dark vibe that can really make a man curious. The curiosity to know what the tattoo means, when she got it basically the entire back story of it is a good way to start a conversation and it’s only natural for a guy to feel attracted to a woman who makes his soul this curious. Tattooed girls have high self-esteem and an individual personality. They know what they want and they are not confused about their decisions in life. This level of confidence can be appealing to many. Men know they have a better chance enjoying a rock concert with a tattooed girl because they are into good heavy metal music unlike ordinary girls who are into a very different genre of music as compared to guys. Hence it won’t be a wrong assumption that tattooed women also party harder. They are open to much more adventure and do not shy away from trying new things wither in bed or in general which makes them great companions with whom a fun time is always guaranteed. Some guys with confidence issues or who overthink a lot may be comfortable around a tattooed girl as they don’t feel like they are being judged. Tattooed girls are much less judgmental than other girls, because they themselves are constantly being criticized by many. Hence shy guys can really be themselves around these tattooed women and have a genuine chance to really hit it off with a girl. Men love the fact that tattooed girls are more likely to play video games, read comic books and enjoy the kind of film they’re into which again shows that they have much more in common with tattooed girls. It’s not only about having a tattoo it’s also about where you have it. Genital tattoos play a vital role in teasing and role play. The concept of a tramp stamp is a woman having a tattoo on her lower back. For some men it’s a huge turn on as they quickly associate it to what it would feel like if they had the girl from behind on all fours. The fascinating imagination can bring a man to his knees and make him do things he wouldn’t otherwise. Some guys have a fetish of cumming a bareback which is just more spicy if the girl has a tattoo on her back.

Furthermore, it’s not only men who are attracted to tattooed women; some women choose to be with a tattooed guy purely because his tattoos give her the tingle in the V. There are many celebrities and sportsmen like Dwayne Johnson and Ronaldo who boldly flaunt their bodies with tattoos in public or during an interview and you can just see the girls drooling all over them. It may be a symbol of strength that turn on submissive women who love being controlled in bed.

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After discussing the above points it is pretty clear why men might be more attracted to tattooed women. This is purely because they come off as a much more interesting personality to get to know however one should never judge a book by its cover because sometimes some of the most decent looking girls turn out to be absolute mama mia in bed who will only rock your world and may even set the bar too high for a tattooed girl.

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